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Don Wenner’s ELITE IMPACT podcast is your source for information on topics ranging from real estate investment to scaling a business all while LIVING FULLY. Don’s passion is to positively impact the 4 crises that Americans face today: The Job Crisis, Housing Crisis, Affordability Crisis, and Happiness Crisis. Listen in to Don’s Podcast so you can have the knowledge you need to make an ELITE IMPACT in the world.

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Building an Elite Organization

Scale your business and propel your company toward growth with Building An Elite Organization, from Founder & CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital, Don Wenner. In this book, Don will give you actionable ways to implement the Elite Execution System (EES), a proven business methodology which has led the DLP Real Estate Capital family of companies to grow 60% every year for the past 13 years to over $100 million in annual revenue in less than 10 years.