Impact with Don Wenner | Episode 3 – “Fueling Small Business”

W/ Guest Claudia Sahm

Thanks for checking out episode THREE of the Impact with Don Wenner Podcast. Today we have Claudia Sahm on the show. She is the founder of Stay-at-Home Macro (SAHM) Consulting. She is a regular opinion writer at Bloomberg and The New York Times. She has policy and research expertise on consumer spending, fiscal stimulus, and the financial well-being of households.

Key Takeaways
• Why are small businesses having a hard time having workers return after covid?
• People can be productive at home, but overall how productive a TEAM can be a lot of times depends on the strength of their interpersonal relationships and knowing each other more than virtually
• The reality that no level of government is going to create jobs, it is up to small businesses and the support of small businesses to scale that will create jobs

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