Hey everyone, we have a great episode for you today. We are going to listen in on a conversation with Don Wenner and DLP Capital’s Chief Experience Officer, Patrick O’Donnell.

Patrick is a devoted husband, father, best-selling author, speaker, fitness enthusiast, CrossFit Trainer & Founder of the Fit Life Challenge & Ignite Performance Today.

His purpose is to inspire humanity to rise above challenges to live fit, fulfilled lives & his mission is to lead by example to inspire future leaders to optimize health, fitness & performance. He and his wife started a family foundation, The Light the Future Foundation, to help those in need rise above challenges to living fit, fulfilled lives.

Three Things Listeners Will Take Away:

  1.   How to avoid burnout
  2. How to stay disciplined and build healthy habits.
  3.  And an overview of one of the best tools on the market to do all of this, the Elite Journal.

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